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Editor and Writer
111 Sollitt Road
Salt Spring Island, B.C. V8K 2J5

Subject Areas
Agriculture/Food Policy
Biomedical Research and Ethic
Civil Society/NGOs
Energy Trends and Policy Environment/Conservation
Health Care and AIDS
Population and Development
Water Supply and Policy
Women's Status and Health

Copy Editing
Developmental Editing
Substantive Editing
Policy Writing
Publication Management

Brochures and Pamphlets
Conference/Workshop Reports

Sample Client List
Earth Policy Institute
Extractive Industries Review
Inter-American Development Bank
Millennium Ecosystem Assessment
Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development
U.N. Development Programme
U.N. Environment Programme
World Bank
World Commission on Dams
World Commission on Environment and Development
Worldwatch Institute


As a freelance editor and writer since 1982, I have worked with research groups, foundations, public policy commissions, and UN and government agencies--doing everything from writing reports to substantive editing and production management. I am also the author of Signs of Hope: Working Towards Our Common Future (Oxford University Press, 1990), which was a follow-up to the Brundtland Commission's influential 1987 report.

Major Editorial Projects

WORLDWATCH INSTITUTE books 1982–2014: edited more than 40 books--the annual State of the World (for 30 years) and the Vital Signs series plus books on globalization, biodiversity, food trends and forecasts, water and irrigation issues, renewable energy, and other sustainable development topics

Four international commissions or panels on key global issues, which included working on-site in London, Cape Town, Oxford, and Geneva:
by IIED and WBCSD; edited final report, Breaking New Ground (2002)
WORLD COMMISSION ON DAMS, chaired by Kader Asmal, Minister of Education,
South Africa; prepared the Executive Summary of the final report, Dams and Development (2000)
COMMISSION ON GLOBAL GOVERNANCE, chaired by Sir Shridath Ramphal and
Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson of Sweden; edited final report, Our Global Neighbourhood (1995)
Brundtland, Prime Minister of Norway; edited final report, Our Common Future (1987)

For the MILLENNIUM ECOSYSTEM ASSESSMENT, editor of six synthesis reports and two technical volumes of the final report, Ecosystems and Human Well-being (2005), and of Framework for Assessment (2003)

Edited Striking a Better Balance (2004), the final report of the EXTRACTIVE INDUSTRIES REVIEW, which looked at the World Bank’s role in mining and the development of oil and gas projects

Edited five reports for the WORLD SUMMIT ON SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, through the Secretary-General's Office, on the frameworks for action on water, energy, health, agriculture, and biodiversity

For IUCN, edited the National Conservation Strategy of Pakistan (1992), based in Islamabad for two months, and provincial conservation strategies on Sarhad and Balochistan; for IUCN Environmental Law Centre, edited Explanatory Guide to Nagoya Protocol (2012)

Edited eight reports for the PRESIDENT'S COMMISSION ON ETHICAL PROBLEMS IN MEDICINE, in 1982-83; topics included access to health care, genetic screening and counseling, decisions to forgo life-sustaining treatment, and genetic engineering

Other Key Clients and Projects

BUSINESS COUNCIL FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Editor of Financing Change (1996) and Changing Course (1992), which was prepared for the Earth Summit in Rio

EARTH POLICY INSTITUTE: Edited 11 books by Lester Brown in 2001-15, including Breaking New Ground: A Personal History (2013), and a continuing series of Earth Policy Updates

FOOD AND AGRICULTURE ORGANIZATION: Editor of Livestock in a Changing Landscape: Drivers, Consequences, and Responses (2010)

INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK: Author/editor of Environment and Natural Resources: Annual Report 2003 annual Sustainability Reports since 2010

INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL ON MINING & METALS: Author of Integrating Mining and Biodiversity Conservation: Case Studies from Around the World (2004); editor of Good Practice Guidance for Mining and Biodiversity (2006)

MILLENNIUM PROJECT: Editor of annual State of the Future since 2000

NATIONAL SURFACE TRANSPORTATION INFRASTRUCTURE FINANCING COMMISSION: Editor of Paying Our Way: A New Framework for Transportation Finance (2009)

NOVARTIS FOUNDATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Editor of Safe and Effective Use of Crop Protection Products in Developing Countries (1999); editor of Klaus Leisinger's book All Our People (1994) and from 1987 to 2013, of his speeches and articles for English publications

SUSTAINABILITY ROUND TABLE INFORMATION FORUM: Codirector, in 1993-95, of five workshops on consensus decision-making and strategic planning for sustainable development at the state level, with funding from the Hewlett Foundation

U.N. DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME: Author of Environmental Funds: The First Five Years (1995) and The Africa 2000 Network: A Progress Report (1993); editor of Capacity Building for Environmental Management: A Best Practices Guide (1999) and of Sustainable Human Development and Agriculture (1994)

U.N. ENVIRONMENT PROGRAMME: Compiler of initial drafts of “Summary for Decision Makers” for GEO-4: Environment for Development (2007)

WORLD BANK: Editor of Country Environmental Analysis for the Philippines and for Timor-Lester (2009), Vietnam Development Report 2011 (2011), the Bank’s sustainability reports since 2004, several Background Papers to the 2001 Environment Strategy, and numerous reports since 1982 on, for example, drylands management, forestry, agricultural marketing, climate change, and energy efficiency

WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE: Editor of The Africa Reader (1997), of case studies in Green Ledgers (1995), and several other WRI books; author of chapter on sustainable development in newly industrializing countries, in World Resources 1992-93


Signs of Hope: Working Towards Our Common Future (New York: Oxford University Press, 1990; French and Portuguese editions, 1992)

Co-author, with Hal Kane, of Time for Change: A New Approach to Environment and Development (Washington, DC: Island Press, 1992)

numerous articles in The Palisades News since 1997
"Building Coalitions," EPA Journal, April-June 1993
"The Five Stages of Corporate Moral Development," Business Ethics, November/December 1989
"Hit at a Home Show Is Great Outdoors," New York Times, March 23, 1989
"Temporary Assignments," The New Physician, December 1987
"Diversions: Checking Out Unusual Libraries," Washington Post, June 8, 1984
"Perspective: Whither the Weather," Washington Post, December 29, 1983
"Seniors: Special Deliveries," Washington Post, October 21, 1983
"The Sponge as Teen Contraceptive?" Washington Post, August 10, 1983
"Birth Control and Unexpected Pregnancy," in The Woman's Handbook, edited by Eva Wilson (London: Secker & Warburg, 1975)

Professional Affiliations and Appointments

GLOBE '90 and '92, Vancouver, member of International Advisory Board

Washington Independent Writers, member of board, 1985-86, and chair, professional freelancers group, 1985-88

Advisor to U.K. Government, attended World Population Conference in Bucharest as member of U.K. delegation, 1974