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This section is provided to give general guidance for estimating how your project might be structured and what it might cost. Your project could be done more or less quickly, depending on the level of information and the experience of the editor or writer.

Writing is producing an original document from notes, outline, research, interviews, conferences, experience, or general guidelines. Rewriting means any or all of the following: adding original material to a draft, deleting material, reorganizing material, collaborating with other editors, producing a new draft.
Estimated pace of work: 1-3 manuscript pages per hour.
Fees: $70 to $100 per hour

Project Management
A project manager oversees the execution of entire project or publication, including hiring members of the production team, assigning tasks, organizing and scheduling the writing and production process, and attending to all administrative details.
Fees: $80 to $100 per hour

Developmental Editing
Developmental editing entails consultation with the author before writing begins. The editor advises on organization, approach, and style. This work may include suggestions for research, identification of useful resources, and work with the author on outlines and plans for writing.
Estimated pace of work: 1-5 pages per hour
Fees: $60 to $90 per hour

Substantive Editing
Also called content editing, substantive editing means making sure that a document is well organized and clearly written. Working with the author, the editor helps make the manuscript more useful and appealing for the reader. Logical flaws or unsupported statements will be identified, and the editor may also suggest organizational changes or shifts in emphasis. This level of editing helps the author transform a manuscript into the most effective document possible. (A substantive editor will often do copy-editing as well.)
Estimated pace of work: 1-5 pages per hour
Fees: $60 to $90 per hour

Researching means gathering and verifying information to develop all or part of a publication.
Fees: $70 to $100 per hour

Abstracting is writing a succinct summary or synopsis of a work, often for an academic publication or professional journal. The length, style, and amount of detail in an abstract vary depending on its intended use.
Estimated pace of work: Highly variable, depending in part on length and complexity of original material.
Fees: $70 to $100 per hour

Copy-editing is reviewing a document to ensure that it is free of errors, it adheres to a style guideline, references in the text are correctly cited in the bibliography, and Tables and Figures are correctly numbered. In short, copy-editing prepares a document for formatting and printing.
Estimated pace of work: 3 to 8 manuscript pages per hour
Fees: $50 to $75 per hour

Proofreading means a final, careful check on a document. It may include comparing the document with earlier versions to make sure certain corrections have been made, and it always involves finding spelling, grammar and formatting errors.
Estimated pace of work: 3 to 10 manuscript pages per hour
Fees: $50 to $75 per hour

Rush Projects
For rush projects—projects with turnaround times of less than 72 hours or projects that a client requests be completed within a shorter period than originally negotiated or requests that the freelancer spend more time within a negotiated period—the writer/editor may charge additional rush fees of 20 to 50 percent.