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CYNTHIA ALLEN is a senior editor, writer, publications designer, and project manager, as well as a scientist, who specializes in biomedical, environmental, and educational publications and Web sites for technical and non-technical audiences. She has supervised the production of many types of documents, including annual reports, science curricula, symposium proceedings, and academic journals. She develops and edits publications and Web sites for the National Institutes of Health, edits the final pages of Science News magazine, and has reviewed applications for science education grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
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NANCY CARSON is a writer, editor and educational consultant with broad experience in policy definition and program management to complement her writing skills. After five years of specializing in educational technology, she has added expertise in family caregiving and end of life issues. Additional strengths are the personal essay and profiles based on interviews. She is the author of Believing In Ourselves: A Celebration of Women, published in Spring of 2002 by Andrews McMeel. Writing samples and details online at
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KATHLEEN "KIT" S. JOHNSTON is a reporter, writer, editor, and publications project manager who, in recent years, has written and/or substantively edited a number of seminal reports on education and on national healthcare and medical research issues for a range of clients, including the National Academy of Sciences, the National Institutes of Health, the American Health Information Community, and the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, among other clients. Highlights in her 30 years of journalistic and editorial experience include directing publication of innovative K-6 science curricula for the Smithsonian and writing with authority for The Washington Post and other publications on energy, environment, and healthcare issues and on seasonal foods and Virginia wines.
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KERRY KEMP is a senior writer/editor and publications manager who specializes in developing publications and Web sites pertaining to health care policy, information technology, environmental policy, national politics, and international affairs. She is skilled at making complex issues understandable to a wide audience of journalists, policymakers, educators, and others. Her clients include U.S. government and international agencies, as well as public policy research and information organizations. Formerly, she was managing editor at the congressional Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), where she oversaw the preparation of several highly regarded reports to Congress on national policy issues involving science and technology.
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ROBERT LIVERNASH is a writer and editor specializing in U.S. and global environment and resources, sustainable development, agriculture, and population issues. He is a former senior editor of the World Resources series (World Resources Institute) and the principal author of three annual reports on U.S. environmental quality produced by the White House Council on Environmental Quality. He is currently working with the World Bank Environment Department on the development of the Bank's new environment strategy.
703-739-2874 tel
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LINDA STARKE is an independent writer, editor, and production manager with extensive experience in the full range of international sustainable development issues, including agriculture and food policy, energy trends, health care, natural resource use and conservation, population growth, water supply and policy, and women's health and status. Among the projects worked on since 1982 are all Worldwatch Institute books, the national conservation strategy of Pakistan, and four widely acclaimed international reports (on sustainable development, global governance, dams, and mining).
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