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AWE members are independent, self-employed professionals and work under written contracts. Such contracts are likely to include most of these elements:

  • schedule of work
  • fees, payment schedule, and charges for late payments
  • delays
  • cancellation
  • expenses
  • quality control
  • editorial credit
  • copy of product

It is difficult to tell in advance exactly how a project will go. Both the client and the freelance writer or editor make a good-faith estimate of what is involved, and form a contract. It is a good idea to build in points to reassess the commitment. Because many aspects of a project are not predictable, contracts most often establish an hourly fee for work, as well as a general estimate of how many hours may be required. In some situations, a fixed-fee contract can be negotiated. Both the client and the freelancer need to communicate about changes, especially about any shifts in deadlines or content.

AWE writers and editors are experienced and have worked with a wide range of individuals and organizations. AWE members' hourly fee for most projects is seldom less than $50 an hour. For more information about specific services and fees, see Definitions of Services.